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​​​​​​​​​While the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionExternal Link and the National Institutes for HealthExternal Link provide national-level public health support to civilian communities in the United States, the Department of Defense's Defense Health Agency, or DHA, is responsible for overseeing military's public health efforts: DHA Public Health​External Link.

DHA Public Health activities are conducted by experts in each military Service at various locations in the U.S. referred to as Defense Centers of Public Health (DCPH). 

The Clinical Public Health and Epidemiology Directorate (CPHE) falls within the DCPH at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. CPHE's specialized medical and public health experts provide essential public health to reduce military injury and disease risk by monitoring health data, improving protective equipment and policies, and enhancing the technical competency of military healthcare providers. Specific services include: 

  • conduct routine military epidemiological surveillance of injuries and diseases
  • investigate health conditions, causes, risks and solutions
  • perform epidemiological consults (EPICONS)
  • provide consultative services for healthcare providers, policy-makers, and leaders 
  • develop products to assist providers and communicate health messaging

CPHE provides general information and products to help inform and educate Service Members and unit leaders on various military health topics such as: 

ALSO: CPHE presents TECHNICAL PRODUCTS for healthcare providers or public health professionals

If you have specific concerns – see CPHE's specialized Divisions and Branches below.

​Division of Behavioral and Social Health Outcomes Practice (BSHOP)

  • BSHOP monitors and studies military suicidal behaviors and suicides, behavioral health conditions, ​social health conditions, and social health outcomes to inform the development and evaluation of military programs, policies and services​. ​​

Military Injury Prevention (MIP) Division​

Specializes in the monit​oring, investigation, and prevention of specific types of injuries among Active Duty military members.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine Division (OEMD)

Specializes in clinical medical investigation and consultations.

Preventive Medicine Division (PMD)


​Last updated: March 25, 2024