Public Health Nursing Branch


Public Health Nursing (PHN) Branch

Public Health Nursing (PHN) enables Total Force readiness through promoting population-focused health, mitigating disease and injury, assuring Force Health Protection, informing policy, and responding to emerging health threats.


The PHN Branch of the Defense Centers for Public Health - Aberdeen (DCPH-A) provides strategic leadership to the PHN enterprise. The PHN Branch also provides subject matter expertise and consultation regarding all aspects of the PHN mission, capabilities, and PHN roles and responsibilities to the Department of Defense (DoD), Tri-Services, partners, and leaders.

In addition to supporting the operational and professional needs of PHNs throughout the DoD, the PHN Branch develops and coordinates evidence-based products, addresses regulatory and policy requirements, and ensures dissemination of information to PHNs and other DoD customers for standardization of services delivered.

The PHN Branch is staffed by Army Public Health Nurses (APHN/66B). For more details about APHNs and how to become one, download the APHN trifold.

Contact the PHN Branch for information regarding the APHN capabilities and roles. 

We are seeking nurses who possess strengths in effective communication and critical thinking to protect and promote the health of our Force. Have you considered a career in Army Public Health Nursing? If you are interested in learning more, please contact your local installation Chief, Army Public Health Nurse for more information​.

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Last updated: December 2023​