Environmental Medicine

Last Updated: July 26, 2018
Gas mask

​Evaluation of the relationship between exposures to environmental contaminants and chemical releases to short-term and long-term health effects including medical and epidemiological analyses. Exposure data, clinical health outcome and toxicological data are all considered. APHC has conducted these services for deployment and garrison exposure and incident concerns. Since the results are often not definitive due to inherent gaps in data and science, multi-disciplinary groups of experts including other Federal agency and academic experts are consulted.

​Current priority concerns are related to deployment exposures and the potential relation to post deployment pulmonary health outcomes.   Exposures of key concern include those to burn pits and particulate matter as well as incidents such as the 2003 Sulfur Fire Incident and Qarmat Ali Water Treatment Plant (chromium) exposure incident in Iraq.  Most recently, APHC has provided environmental medicine support to the US Operation Tomodachi  evaluation and exposure registry.