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Last Updated: May 03, 2024
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​In 1971, women made up just 1% of the U.S. military services. Ten years later, it was 8.5%.  However, women at that time were not allowed to serve in combat military occupational specialties like infantry, artillery and combat aviation.  

Since then, all military jobs have opened to women and as of Oct. 2022, women made up around 18% of the Department of Defense active-duty force (DoD March 2023​)External Link.

The DCPH-A supports military women by ensuring relevant resources and information to address common topics are readily available in this Women's Health Portal. 

​Women's Health Clinical Community and Pr​ofessionals Resources:

  • 2020 DoD Defense Health BoardExternal Link Report provides findings and recommendations on matters and policies related to active duty women's (ADW's) health care, needs, and services. 
  • Walk-in Contraceptive ServicesExternal Link at military hospitals or clinics for all active duty service members and, on a space-available basis, eligible beneficiaries capable of becoming pregnant (e.g., women, transgender males, non-binary individuals) 

  • Servicewomen get healthcare answers on a mobile app. See the Deployment Readiness Education for Servicewomen (DRES). 

  • Breastfeeding and Pregnancy 

Topics covered in this section include: ​​

  • ​Deployment Health


For services available through the Military Health System, visit their Women's HealthExternal Link webpage. ​