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Last Updated: April 01, 2021

​Industrial Hygiene Program management is monitored by using various metrics, all of which are extracted from the DOEHRS-IH database. Click here for a listing of all IH Metrics.

Industrial hygiene metrics are extracted from DOEHRS-IH data and feed two separate Army metrics systems.

Public Health Management System (PHMS)

        The PHMS provides public health professionals at installations, regions, and headquarters with tools for managing resource requirements to  accomplish the public health mission. PHMS provides a consistent method of disseminating resource management tools.

The PHMS enables the performance tracking and programmatic decision-making for public health programs at all organizational levels.

PHMS provides access to mission-specific Program Status Reports, the PHMS Dashboard, synopses of key  documents, and a link to the Command Management System public health metrics. 

IH personnel can also view PHMS data through and account with the Strategic Management System.External Link  This web-based software tool is the Army Enterprise Program of Record for Performance Management. All IH metrics for Army IH Program offices are tracked and updated monthly in SMS.

 Army Installation Status ReportExternal Link

      The Installation Status Report, required by AR 210-14, assists Army leadership in making appropriate and responsible decisions required to sustain or improve the management of facilities, natural infrastructure, and services. ISR-Service 953 Preventive Medicine Services measures the performance of Army IH programs to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and prescribe controls for occupational hazards of eligible military and civilian workers. The IH Program Office uses worksite characterizations and sampling to provide expert opinion as to the occupational exposure to radiological, biological, or chemical hazards IAW AR 40-5, AR 385-10, DoDI 6055.5, and TB Med 503.  

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