Ergonomics Program

​The APHC Ergonomics program offers subject matter expertise in reduction and prevention of work-related musculoskeletal injuries (WMSDs) in a variety of settings such as industrial, office, laboratory, and healthcare settings.  Our mission is to serve military and civilian personnel worldwide by reducing and preventing WMSD injuries as well as their associated costs - some of which are the largest in claims and lost work time in the DOD.

​Each Army installation is required to have an ergonomics program and APHC Ergonomics can assist with meeting those goals.  Our expert team of ergonomists can:

  • develop an ergonomics program for your installation
  • review available injury data
  • provide guidance in setting up policy and committees. 

Our team also:

  • performs on-site evaluation and assessments of work areas
  • identifies risk factors and provides recommendations for modifications in operations and equipment
  • offers training in both basic and advanced ergonomics
  • answers any specific questions you may have 

Visit the Army Public Health Center Ergonomics webpage for practical information on program development and implementation; marketing and communication; ergonomic assessment tools, products, and workstation design.