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 IH Training & Development

Last Updated: March 17, 2022

​​​APHC offers multiple on-line and classroom courses and webinars to assist the industrial hygiene community with their professional development.  Participants will need to enroll for any of the courses at the Army BlackboardExternal Link website.  A listing of these courses is found here.  All courses are designed to align with Army Industrial Hygiene Core Competencies.

The "Manage Your IH Monster" and "IH Leaders" webinars, hosted by APHC, cover a variety of topics to assist the Army IH community with practical guidance on the DOERHS-IH system and information on IH career management.  Instructions to enroll for the webinars on blackboard are here. MANAGE YOUR IH MONSTER and IH LEADERSHIP WEBINARS are available on the Army Blackboard site: Link

FACE-TO-FACE TR​AINING @ APG. MD (may require on-line pre-requisites)


Army DOEHRS-IH Initial Courses (Required for all Army Industrial Hygienists and Technicians)

Please contact the Army IH Training Coordinator:​

Technical Courses

Blueprint Reading & Design Review - To Be Rescheduled due to COVID-19

Healthcare & Laboratory Ventilation Course - To Be Rescheduled due to COVID-19

Professional Development

Army Industrial Hygienists and Technicians are encouraged to keep up-to-date with their knowledge and skills to further enhance their professional life.  Individual Development Plans (IDPs) should be created in the Army Career TrackerExternal Link keeping in mind the Army IH Core Competencies. Core competency self-assessments are found on the Army Blackboard site.  Once IDPs are supervisor-approved, Army IH personnel may apply for training funding through the Army Safety and Occupational Health Career Program 12External Link (CP-12) using GoArmyEd.External Link

For more information on IH Training & Professional Development contact:


Telephone: 410-436-2439; DSN: 312-584-2439