Injury Prevention for Active Duty Personnel

 Installation Injury Monitoring Tools

Last Updated: February 12, 2024

​Links for injury surveillance definitions, and several reports including: Strategic Management System (SMS); Public Health Management System (PHMS); and Health of the Force - Online. ​

Injury Surveillance Definitions

See slide set that explains of the general causes and potentially associated activities, hazards, and interventions of most commonly identified injury types at installations. There are many tools that provide statistics regarding your local installation injury problem. See Installation-Specific Active Duty Soldier Injury Summaries and Civilia​n Injury Summaries factsheets. 

Periodic Publications and Surveillance Reports

DCPH-A publishes several periodicals and surveillance reports on a regular schedule. See current publications, available past issues, and subscribe/unsubscribe options

Strategic Managemen​t System (SMS)  

Army Strategic Management System (SMS)                                                                 Logo and hyperlink for th

The SMS is a management tool used by Army leadership to track strategic goals using key performance metrics from all functional levels of the Army (medical and non-medical). Metrics are monitored with upper and lower thresholds shown as color indicators (e.g. green, amber, and red).  As one of the Army Medicine Campaign metrics, quarterly injury rates and calculated statistical control limits are provided by installation, regional health command, and Army major command.

To get to the installation injury metrics in SMS, go to Dashboards; User Workspace; OTSG/MEDCOM; OTSG/MEDCOM HQ; DSC, Public Health; Public Health; Clinical Public Health and Epidemiology (CPHE); Active Duty Injuries by Installation, MEDCOM Region, and MACOM (Quarterly). Link (Restricted access, CAC required)

Health of the Force - Online 

Health of the Force Online

Health of the Force - Online is an additional tool for monitoring leading health indicators by installation. This application provides a 360-degree view of health and readiness indicators for active duty Soldiers derived from current medical data. It includes annual installation injury summaries assessing injury trends over time, variations in rates by age and gender, and leading causes of injury. External Link