Laser and Optical Radiation

 Laser/Radiation Safety Officer Info

Last Updated: August 08, 2018
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​Information regarding laser and radiation safety useful to a Laser/Radiation Safety Officer.

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Laser/Radiation Safety Officer Info 

Military Laser SOPs

  • Sample Safety SOP For Maintenance Shop Operation Of Fire Control Lasers.
  • Sample Safety SOP For Training With Tactical Laser Pointers.
  • Sample Safety SOP For Training With Portable Fire Control Lasers.

Hospital Laser Information

Hospital Laser SOPs

  • Sample Safety SOP for CO2 Surgical Laser Operation.
  • Sample Safety SOP for Photocoagulators.

Non-laser SOPs

  • Sample Safety SOP for Arc Welding and Cutting Operations.
  • Sample Safety SOP For Mercury Vapor And Metal Halide Lamps.
  • Sample SOP for Ultraviolet Arc Sources.
  • Sample Safety SOP for Occupational Exposure to Skin Treatment Lamps which Emit Actinic Ultraviolet Radiation.