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Last Updated: August 14, 2023

​​​This page contains information on the Army Disease Reporting System internet (ADRSi). *ADRSi is for Army users only, Air Force/Navy users should not use the Army version.

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    ​How to get an ADRSi account:

    Before granting access to sensitive personal and health information, the Army requires command or unit-level assurance that the information will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Assurance Act (HIPAA). This requirement is documented on DD Form 2875 System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) and available via the ADRSi login page.

    ADRSi accounts are processed by the ADRSi Help Desk located at DCPH-A . The Air Force and Navy both utilize AFDRSi and NDRSi, respectively; these are separate reporting systems with separate requirements and Help Desks. All ADRSi users must only gain access to ADRSi via the ADRSi Help Desk, NOT the Navy Help Desk. Contact information for the ADRSi Help Desk is listed below.

    Steps for gaining access to ADRSi

    1.) Complete the DRSi Initial User Training Course

    • Register for the course on ATRRS: https://www.atrrs.army.mil/External Link
    • Click 'Course Catalog' then type "DRSi" in the Course Title line and click 'Search the ATRRS Course Catalog'.​
    • Select Course 081SDL21-DRSI-MEDCOE-001, click the 'Register' link and follow the steps for registration.

    2.) Once your registration has been approved in ATRRS, go to https://amedd.ellc.learn.army.milExternal Link

    • Click on Courses, then DRSi Initial User Course (FY23) Class 211.
      • You’ll have 30 days to complete this training after registering.
    • Take the pre-test. If you score 100% on the pre-test, you can skip the training. If not, then watch the video, then take the post-test.​
      • IMPORTANT: You will have two attempts to get a score of at least 80% on the post-test. If you fail both attempts, you’ll have to register again in ATRRS.
    • Save a copy of your certificate of completion.

    3) Download the DD2875 form on the DRSi login page

    • DO NOT PRINT AND FILL OUT THIS FORM. This PDF form can be filled and digitally signed entirely online. Printing out the form to sign and scan will result in processing delays.
    • Fill out Page 1
      • If this is an initial request, click the box next to INITIAL.
      • If you have transferred to another location and need access to a new unit, click the box next to MODIFICATION.
      • If you no longer need access to DRSi, click the box next to DEACTIVATE.
      • Leave the USER ID box empty.
      • Enter the current date.
      • SYSTEM NAME should be auto-filled to say Disease Reporting System internet (DRSi); LOCATION should be auto-filled to say DISA MONTGOMERY.
      • Fill out boxes 1-10.
      • If you have a current active Cyber Security Awareness certificate, click the box next to “I have completed Annual Information Awareness Training” and enter the date of that certificate in box 10.
      • Enter the date of the form again.
    • In boxes 13.1-13.2, enter the location of the reporting unit(s). 
      • DO NOT enter abbreviations. Spell out the entire name.
      • NOTE: ADRSi reporting units are based on installations, clinics, and hospitals, NOT individual units. National Guard units are not available in DRSi; if you are submitting a request to report for National Guard units, please contact the ADRSi Help Desk first.
    • In box 13.3, enter the date of your most recent HIPAA certification. DO NOT LEAVE THIS BOX BLANK. If your HIPAA certification has expired, you must update your HIPAA certification prior to requesting access to ADRSi.
    • In box 13.4, please select the service you are requesting reporting for.
    • Click the digital signature in box 11 to digitally sign the form with your CAC.
      • DO NOT physically sign the form. Do not type in your name. This form requires a digital CAC certificate signature.
    • In box 16, please verify the need to know status for the User requesting access to ADRSi.
    • If you are a contractor, enter your contract number and expiration date in box 16a. If you are not a contractor, leave this blank.
    • Fill out your supervisor’s information in boxes 17, 19-20b.
    • Send the form to your supervisor for their digital signature in box 18. 
      • ONLY a digital, CAC-enabled signature is accepted. Do not print and sign the form and scan it.
    • Information should be already entered in box 27 on page 2. By signing the form in box 11, the User agrees to comply with requirements contained in this text.
    • Once the form has been accurately filled out and includes digital signatures from both the User and the Supervisor, save the form as “DD2875_(last name, first name, rank)”.

    4) Send all materials to the ADRSi Help Desk

    • ​Send your completed DD2875 form and a copy of your DRSi initial user certificate
      • If your HIPAA training certification date is blank on your DD2875, include a copy of your HIPAA certificate; or, fill in that box on your DD2875.
    • Please note that fax is not available. These materials can only be sent via email.
    • EMAIL to: dha.apg.pub-health-a.mbx.disease-epidemiologyprogram13@health.mil​​ 

    ADRSi Account Activation

    The ADRSi Help Desk will process your account.

    • Please allow 1-5 business days to process an account. If you do not receive instructions for logging into ADRSi from an ADRSi administrator within 5 business days, please call or email the ADRSi Help Desk. 
    • If the form has not been digitally signed (e.g., the form was printed, physically signed, scanned and then emailed), the ADRSi Help Desk will contact the Supervisor listed in box 17 to verify the request. Once the verification is complete, an account will be processed. 
    • If the form is digitally signed and emailed to the ADRSi Help Desk, the account will be processed. 

    Other Materials Needed to Use ADRSi 

    All cases reported to the ADRSi follow a case definition as defined in the Armed Forces Reportable Medical Events Guidelines and Case Definitions. This document can be accessed and downloaded from the ADRSi login page.

    If you do not have a copy of these guidelines, or would like a physical copy, please contact the ADRSi Help Desk.

    ADRSi Contact Information



    ​Hours of Availability

    ADRSi and Reportable Medical Event Help Desk​

    ​Defense Centers for Public Health - Aberdeen (DCPH-A)
    DSN: 867-2377
    COMM: 410-417-2377
    Email: dha.apg.pub-health-a.mbx.disease-epidemiologyprogram13@health.mil​ 

    ​M-F, 0800-1700 EST