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Our Mission: Health Promotion Operations (HPO) improves or enhances readiness and health of the force through the Total Force Fitness (TFF) framework with integrated public health consultation, planning, and community coalition capacity.  
HPO provides integration and expertise to facilitate Department of Defense (DoD) public health processes; builds the capacity to integrate across multiple command levels and ensure standardization, coordination, and execution of Readiness, Total Force Fitness (TFF), and public health priorities; and integrates public health through mission, installation and medical operations.

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Our Capabilities​:

  • ​Holistic integration of ​​TFF, prevention and readiness into mission operations
  • ​Planning, Management, Advisory & Synchronization of TFF and prevention activities
  • Coordination of systematic data collection and analysis to improve data-driven decisions
  • Awareness and understanding of programs and services to reduce gaps and overlaps
  • Promotion of accreditation of public health systems in military communities ​

Our Framework​:

TFF is a full spectrum of components affecting Service member readiness and their ability to meet mission requirements.

TFF optimizes Service member and military family well-being, performance, and readiness. DoDI 1010.10 identifies the TFF frameworkas “the DoD methodology for understanding, assessing, and optimizing Service members' ability to meet mission requirementsin accordance with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction 3405.01.”

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TFF aligns to the National Defense Strategy as a mission-critical mechanism through which DoD is building, and can sustain, a resilient Joint Force and defense ecosystem. TFF enhances mission readiness, unit performance, and the health and fitness of Service members, military families, and civilian DoD employees through the creation of a culture within the DoD that:

  • Provides effective, integrated, and comprehensive health promotion and disease prevention programs that are evidence-informed and data-driven
  • Advocates and cultivates healthy environments for Service members, beneficiaries, civilian DoD employees, and visitors to military installations worldwide
  • Supports the aim of the National Prevention Strategy (NPS) to shift the health care paradigm from a focus on treating sickness and disease to one that prioritizes prevention and wellness
  • Supports the White House National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health with goals of ending hunger and increasing healthy eating and physical activity

​As stated by POTUS in the 2022 National Security Strategy, a combat-resilient military is the foundation of America’s ability to prevail in conflict. For the Joint Force to be lethal, resilient, sustainable, survivable, agile, and responsive, DoD must prioritize TFF. The first step in addressing the challenges facing our nation’s diverse Service members and their families is to identify andunderstand who our Service members and military families are and what challenges they face.​

Operationalizing TFF to serve a population of more than 2.8 million Service members and their families requires concise synchronization of efforts. Across the eight TFF domains, there are a multitude of threatsto readiness and retention that uniquely impact DoD’s large and diverse populations. TFF requires the analytical capabilities and standards to identify, and sustain, what works.

Sustaining an optimal level of military performance and readiness is an enduring requirement for DoD—and essential to maintaining a strategically competitive position on ​the world stage.​

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Our Activities​:

HPO provides consultative support for the execution of a public health framework across the DOD:
  • Hea​lth Promotion Leadership Forum: Quarterly synchronization meeting for TFF, Health Promotion, and Prevention Staff
  • Ad-hoc Consultative Support: HPO  provides ad-hoc consultative support for TFF and Public Health Planning.

HPO Monitoring and Evaluation Tools are developed from scientifically validated practices and tailored to military operational methods. HPO works within community coalition processes. ​HPO evaluation efforts help to strengthen community coalition capabilities.

  • Community and Population Health
  • Community Resource Guide Gaps and Overlaps Analysis
  • Community Strengths and Themes Assessment (CSTA): ​​Current DoD Instructions (DoDIs) direct completion of comprehensive assessments of military communities for health risk factors and needs. A comprehensive CSTA is supported by DoDI 1010.10, DoDI 6400.11, the Total Force Fitness Framework, and service specific regulations. Additionally, for locations seeking Public Health Accreditation, the CSTA meets community health assessment requirements delineated by the National Association of County and City Health Officials in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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    HPO developed a standardized CSTA based on rigorous scientific requirements for assessment tools and made it available for all military locations to use to capture the “pulse” of their community's perceptions regarding quality of life, health and wellness among key physical, emotional, family, and social risk areas within the military environment.​

    Recent CSTA publications:

    Community Strengths and Themes Assessment Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Report – PHIP​

    Community Strengths and Themes Assessment Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Report – Briefing


Community Resource Guide (CRG):  The CRG was developed by DCPH-A as a digital inventory of resources supporting community resource gaps and public health promotion processes. The CRG catalogs local resources, support services, and programs at the installation level. Categories include medical and behavioral health services, education and career development, as well as social services and recreational activities, among others. Installation CRGs can be located here:​  

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