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 Installation Drinking Water

Last Updated: July 31, 2018
Consultative support to installations worldwide on a range of topics including water security, regulatory guidance, best management practices, and emerging issues.  This site strives to provide the Public Health team and others charged with maintaining water quality pertinent resources and a conduit for technical support.  If you can't find it here, please contact us.
Water Security

We evaluate all system vulnerabilities from source to tap using the Army's Risk Management Approach as well as the Sandia Ram-WSM methodology. We can conduct your WSVA, review completed assessments, and provide guidance on initiating the vulnerability assessment process. In addition, we can respond and support installations that encounter water system emergencies as well help or develop water system emergency response plans.

Water System Performance Evaluations (WSPE)

Customers have used WSPEs to regain compliance with regulations, address chronic drinking water problems, better allocate limited funding, and prioritize capital improvements. Our customer-focused evaluations help to reduce costs, improve water quality, and ensure a water system remains in compliance with the ever-expanding list of drinking water regulations. Our staff has experience conducting WSPEs in places such as Korea, Italy, Marshall Islands, and all over the United States. A water system's compliance status with current and upcoming State and Federal regulations, operational practices, treatment effectiveness, and water quality from source to tap are evaluated.

Sampling Support

Sampling is an effective way to provide that extra measure of confidence in the quality of your drinking water. Either you or one of our staff can conduct the onsite sampling, using our Sampling Guide and provided containers. The laboratory analyzes the samples and we provide a thorough interpretation of the results. Our staff has been sent worldwide, providing support for deployed soldiers, Army installations, and National Guard and Reserves locations worldwide.

Document Development

Useful and easy-to-read documents are a must when it comes to drinking and recreational water issues. Broad guidance documents such as the Technical Manuals as well as more specific topic-specifics fact sheets are available in the Resource Materials area of this site.