Drinking Water

 Field Water

Last Updated: December 01, 2021

​​Consultative support to deployed forces worldwide to enhance readiness and strengthen US warfighting capability by insuring adequate quantities of high-quality drinking water to sustain the health and strength of our Forces.  This site strives to provide the Public Health team and others charged with maintaining field water quality pertinent resources and a conduit for technical support on a broad range of drinking water topics.  If you can't find it here, please contact us.

​Field Water Resources
TB MED 577External LinkSanitary Control and Surveillance of Field Water SuppliesA multiservice publication documenting policy, standards, guidelines, and procedures to ensure that water used by military and supporting civilian personnel for drinking, showers, and personal sanitation in the operational environment is of the highest quality possible, and that it is not harmful to human health either in the short or long term.
Small Water PurifiersExternal LinkWater Purification Devices For Emergency And Distributed Military OperationsThe website provides users having common access card (CAC) access to AKO with information on the capabilities of small water purifiers to reduce health risks from consuming natural waters and information on the purifiers’ form, fit, and function.