Waste Management

Last Updated: April 10, 2024
Medical waste

​​​​ Mission Statement

Provide technical expertise to enhance military readiness and sustainable Joint Force communities by identifying, assessing, monitoring, evaluating, and communicating environmental public health threats related to hazardous and medical waste and emerging contaminants.​​

Our Vision Statement

An adaptable, environmental health capability that is efficient, effective, forward leaning, and strategically positioned to optimize the waste management of DoD processes, equipment and systems reducing risks to public health and the environment.

What We Do

For over 50 years, we have provided waste consultations, audits, assistance visits, education, characterizations, and policy and information product development to provide decision makers with comprehensive, relevant, accurate, and timely responses and recommendations.

Our subject matter experts evaluate hazardous materials, hazardous waste, and regulated medical waste management problems and assess new environmental control technologies. We offer practical and cost-effective solutions to better protect the public health and the environment, as well as comply with Federal, State, local, and DoD regulations.

Environmental Health Services

Consultative Services
We provide guidance, training, and reach-back support to DoD organizations, Services, and military communities on the characterization, collection, storage, management, minimization, and disposal of hazardous and medical waste on installations located CONUS and OCONUS to include deployment locations.  This includes hazard identification, emergency preparedness, regulatory/policy interpretation, and disaster recovery support (defense support to civil authorities).  Support is specific to the customer's needs ranging from basic waste management guidance to organization management strategies/policies. 

Technical Information

We prepare fact sheets and information papers for specific areas of concern and trending topics impacting the various areas of waste management for the military, the public and public health practitioners. Our Military Item Disposal Instructions (MIDI) database provides methods of destruction for the disposal of unused hazardous and non-hazardous items generated within the Department of Defense. We also offer free pharmaceutical formulary reviews to DHA health care facilities to characterize pharmaceuticals for proper waste disposal and identify those requiring personal protection equipment for safe handling.
Onsite Support
We conduct compliance site visits and on-site waste management studies at DHA medical treatment facilities and provide onsite training to personnel to properly identify, manage and dispose of hazardous and medical wastes to prevent or minimize the potential health concerns and adverse impacts to the DoD mission due to regulatory non-compliance. 

Programmatic Reviews

We analyze a multitude of data to identify regulatory compliance trends at DHA facilities to identify potential health hazards, compliance gaps and other issues.  We provide waste assessments of materiel and systems within the acquisition lifecycle to inform decision makers of waste specific health risks that could impact military personnel and the environment.

Policy and Regulations
We review and draft regulations, plans, statements of work, technical manuals, etc., to ensure that management of waste hazardous materials are appropriately addressed to safeguard both public and environmental health while adhering to regulatory requirements.​