Field Preventive Medicine

Last Updated: February 23, 2022
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​Information for field preventive medicine units on countering environmental, occupational and disease health threats.

Health Threat Briefings

​The purpose of Health Threat Briefings, Deployment Health Guides, and Deployment Health Cards is to help reduce the risk of disease and non-battle injury during deployment.  All personnel are to receive health threat briefings prior to deployment. 

Health threat briefings and products should be administered and distributed by preventive medicine personnel.

What is a Health Threat Briefing ?

A Health Threat Briefing (HTB) contains information on health threats and countermeasures while deployed.  A  HTB Resources website is hosted on milSuite (CAC required) External Link.  Use the Core slides as a starting point to customize and assemble your own HTB. Use the Resources list provided to research specific geographic areas. Hand out GTA 08-05-062, Guide to Staying Healthy at the HTB presentation.

Army Preventive Medicine personnel are trained on the development and presentation of HTBs. Seek assistance from your supporting preventive medicine unit when you need an HTB. 

 What are Deployment Health Guides and Deployment Health Cards? 

Deployment Health Guides (DHGs) and Deployment Health Cards (DHCs) are pamphlets containing health information intended to help reduce the risk of disease and non-battle injuries during deployment.  DHGs and DHCs are to be used in conjunction with GTA 08-05-062, Guide to Staying Healthy.  In addition to the guides, personnel should also receive force health protection and health threat trainings and briefings.  DHGs provide additional country-specific or mission-specific health risk information whereas the DHCs focus on those highest health risks identified in a particular country or region and are geared toward the service member.

DHGs, DHCs and other health information products can be ordered from the APHC Health Information Products e-Catalog. ​