Soldier Medical Readiness Campaign

 SMR-CP Education Series

Last Updated: July 24, 2018
‚ÄčNote (08/2015): Army Public Health Center efforts have transitioned to the Army Medicine 2020 campaign. This page serves as an archive of past SMRC activities.

The Soldier Medical Readiness Campaign (SMR-CP) Injury Prevention/Human Performance Optimization Education Series began in March 2012. It was presented by the SMR-CP Health Promotion and Musculoskeletal Injury Working Group and served as a continuing education opportunity for military medical providers and staff. A total of 10 seminars were held between 2012 and 2014, with experts from the fields of injury prevention, health promotion, and human performance optimization presenting on the latest research regarding medical readiness in the Army.

In January 2015, the SMR-CP Education Series transitioned to the Army Medicine 2020 Research to Practice Education Series. This Education Series is an initiative of the Army Medicine 2020 Injury and Violence Free Living Program and  Physical Performance Service Line. Seminars are held quarterly on Defense Connect Online. Medical providers, researchers, and health promotion professionals are invited to attend. For more information visit the Army Public Health Center's Army Medicine 2020 web page.

Presentation Archive

Below is a list of presentations from the SMR-CP Education Series. Selected presentation slides are available for download with an AKO account.

Risky Business: Population Screening and the Limitations of Risk Assessment External Link APHCDecember 2014
Perceived Barriers to Sleep, Activity, Nutrition among U.S. Army Soldiers- Performance Triad Baseline Qualitative Results External Link APHCDecember 2014
Encouraging Healthy Food Choices with an Environmental Intervention in Military Dining Facilities External Link USARIEMSeptember 2014
An Investigation of the Effects of Performance-Enhancing Supplements and Other Health Related Factors on Adverse Medical Outcomes in Active Duty U.S. Army Soldiers APHCSeptember 2014
H.E.A.L.T.H.: Technology Tools for Warfighter Readiness & Resilience External Link Pennington Biomedical Research CenterJuly 2014
Physical Training to Optimize Load Carriage Performance: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis External Link APHCJuly 2014
IET Injury and Fitness Surveillance, 2010-2012: Trends and Lessons Learned External Link APHCApril 2014
Efficacy and Safety of Protein Supplements for U.S. Armed Forces Personnel: Consensus Statement External Link USARIEMApril 2014
Army Wellness Center Program Operations: A Strategic Overview External Link APHCOctober 2013
Assessment of Dietary Intake using the Healthy Eating Index during Military Training USARIEMOctober 2013
Extreme Conditioning Program Injury Risk in a U.S. Army Brigade Combat Team External Link APHCOctober 2013
Association of Health Behaviors and Risk Factors for Injury: A Study of Military Personnel External Link  APHCOctober 2013
The Performance Triad: Sleep, Activity, Nutrition OTSGJune 2013
MP3, Functional Movement Assessments: Practical Application USAMRMCJanuary 2013
Performance Nutrition WBAMCJanuary 2013
Creating Active Communities and Healthy Environment (CACHE) Toolkit APHCJanuary 2013
Dietary Supplement Use in the U.S. DoD & Coast Guard Uniformed Personnel: Potential Risk and Benefit for Operational Health and Performance USARIEMNovember 2012
Operational Supplement Safety (OPSS): A DoD-Wide Educational Initiative APHCNovember 2012
Overview of a Tobacco Free Living Initiative APHCNovember 2012
Army Restorative Physical Readiness Training OTSG Rehabilitation and Reintegration DivisionNovember 2012
Recent Insights of Epidemiological and Biomechanics Research into Military Low Back Pain USARIEMJuly 2012
Healthy Weight Campaign Informational Brief APHCJuly 2012
Minimalist Running Shoes OTSG Rehabilitation and Reintegration DivisionJuly 2012
Soldier Fueling Program Evaluation: Phase I (Qualitative and Descriptive Analysis) Preliminary Results APHCMarch 2012
Physical Activity and Risks of Injuries in Civilian and Military Populations External Link APHCMarch 2012
Army Physical Readiness Training TAMCMarch 2012
Vanguard Fitness Trainer Fort Stewart, GAMarch 2012