Population Health Reporting

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The Population Health Reporting Program (PHRP) increases Army senior leader knowledge of the health status of Soldiers through transparent reporting on health, wellness, and the built environment. PHRP improves Army health and Soldier readiness through systemic examination of public health indicators.

Published products contextualize the determinants of medical readiness, provide opportunity for intervention through enhanced knowledge and understanding of the underlying causes, and empower leaders with tools to advance programs and strategies that improve performance and reduce illness and injury. The premier suite of products is the Health of the Force Active Component report and the complementary digital platform, Health of the Force Online. 

  • Integrate and analyze medical, wellness, and environmental data from national, Department of Defense, and Army resources.
  • Communicate Army health progress and challenges such that Army leaders can take informed action to optimize Soldier health and performance.
  • Provide a “report card” on the health status of Soldiers by installation or command of assignment.

Mailing Address:
8252 Blackhawk Rd Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-5403