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‚ÄčThe Army Sponsorship Program is provided to help commanders exercise their basic responsibility to assist Soldiers, civilian employees, and families successfully relocate into and out of their commands. TASP is regulated by Army Regulation 600-8-8 External Link.


Interested personnel should complete the following steps:

1. Complete DA Form 5434External Link. DA Form 5434 is used to transmit sponsorship requirements to gaining commands. It is completed by the departing Soldier during initial reassignment interview or by the civilian employee following selection notification and acceptance of a position. The completed form will be forwarded from -

  1. The losing activity to the gaining Army Command or activity.
  2. The gaining ACOM/activity to the unit of assignment (military) or supervisor (civilian).
  3. The unit of assignment or supervisor to the sponsor.

2. Welcome letter. A welcome letter will be sent from the battalion (activity) commander (for officers), command sergeant major (for enlisted Soldiers), or commander or activity director (for civilian employees) to the incoming Soldier or civilian employee. The sponsor will also send a welcome letter.

3. ACS relocation readiness services. ACS will provide counseling, pre-move destination information (including the Standard Installation Topic Exchange Service), and overseas orientation briefings. ACS will also provide welcome packets upon request. These packets will normally be obtained by the new arrival or the sponsor for the new arrival, rather than being mailed to the departing individual at the losing installation. Departing individuals should be encouraged to use, upon assignment alert, the Standard Installation Topic Exchange Service or welcome packet files at their local ACSExternal Link.

4. Reception. When possible, the sponsor should plan to greet the incoming Soldier or civilian employee and family upon arrival. Specifics should be worked out between the sponsor and the incoming Soldier or civilian employee.

5. Orientation. The sponsor should familiarize the new Soldier or civilian employee and family to the unit or activity and community, including an early visit to ACS. This general orientation should be in addition to the formal orientation briefings the new arrival receives during in-processing.

6. In-processing. The sponsor does not conduct in-processing. The sponsor assists the new arrival with in-processing only when necessary.

7. Garrison support. The Installation Management Agency will ensure garrison support is provided to unit commanders when conducting sponsorship training and providing relocation information and assistance.