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Record Series 400: Information Management, 400B Information Management, Military Publications 0-6

Keep in central file area until no longer needed for conducting business, but not longer than 6 years, then destroy.

Veterinary Connections

Title Date Published
Veterinary Connections Fall 2020
PREVENTIVE HEALTH: Staying Fit and Healthy Alongside Your Pet! PREVENTIVE HEALTH: Equine Vaccines ZOONOTIC DISEASE: Tularemia FOOD SAFETY: Food Safety After a Disaster
Veterinary Connections, Summer 2020
PREVENTIVE HEALTH: Is your pet constantly itching?
ZOONOTIC DISEASE: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
PET SAFETY: Risks and Safety Tips Whe Using Raw Pet Food, Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian!
FOOD SAFETY: Consuming Fresh Produce: What’s the Big Deal?
Veterinary Connections, Spring 2020
PREVENTIVE HEALTH: 7 Tips for Keeping Your Senior Pet Happy and Healthy
ZOONOTIC DISEASE Raccoon Roundworm: What to know to keep you and your pet safe!
PET SAFETY Common Spring Time Hazards to Pets
FOOD SAFETY Disaster Preparation for People and Pets
Veterinary Connections, Winter 2020
PREVENTIVE HEALTH: BEG Diets and Your Dog: What's the Big Deal?
TOXICOLOGY - PET POISONS: Rodenticides— What are they? And what do you need to know to keep your pet safe?
TOXICOLOGY - PET POISONS: Rodenticide Reference Chart
FOOD SAFETY: Food Recalls: Frequently Asked Questions... Answered
Veterinary Connections, Holiday 2019
PET SAFETY: Pets and Party Planning
PET SAFETY: Who's Watching your Pets this Holiday?
PET BEHAVIOR: New Year's Fireworks & Pets
FOOD SAFETY: Baker's Bottom Line for Food Safety
Veterinary Connections, Fall 2019
PET POISONS: Antifreeze and Ethylene Glycol Poisoning in Dogs and Cats
PREVENTIVE HEALTH: A Threat to the Boxer Breed: Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy
VECTOR-BORNE: Knowing the Risks and Signs of Leishmaniasis While Overseas With Your Pet
FOOD SAFETY: Scombroid Poisoning
Veterinary Connections, Summer 2019
PET SAFETY: Pets and Parked Cars Don't Mix
ZOONOTIC DISEASE: Warm weather brings the risk of exposure to Leptospirosis
PET POISON: Toxic Garden Plants
FOOD SAFETY: Lettuce and E. coli
Veterinary Connections, Spring 2019
VECTOR-BORNE: Flea Free Living
PET BEHAVIOR: Separation Anxiety
PREVENTIVE HEALTH: Hot Weather Health Tips for Your Horse
FOOD SAFETY: Food Safety Tips
Veterinary Connections, Winter 2019
PREVENTIVE HEALTH: Caring for Your Horse in Cold Weather
PET BEHAVIOR: The Human Animal Bond - The many ways animals can help people
PET BEHAVIOR: Excessive Barking In Dogs
FOOD SAFETY: What do the dates on your food products really mean?