Surety Medicine

 Surety Medicine

Last Updated: February 22, 2024

​​​​​​​​​Surety medicine focuses on protecting the health of the personnel who deal with nuclear, biological or chemical materials, and on medical requirement compliance to help ensure the security of the materials and the work force.

March 2024 Surety Medicine Teleconference             

Ergonomics and the Personnel Reliability Program

Wednesday, 27 March 2024 will bring the next monthly Surety Medicine Teleconference, at 1 pm (1300 hrs) Eastern Time. The topic for March is "Ergonomics and the Personnel Reliability Program."  The presenter will be a Healthcare  Ergonomist and Certifield Safe Patient Handling Professional from Defense Centers for Public Health-Aberdeen.​

To request additional information, email the Army Surety Medicine Branch. 


FY24 Surety Medicine Teleconferences

Presentation Title


Ergonomics and the PRP


Bio-safety Levels, Bio-Safety Cabinets, and Exposure Controls in the Bio-Containment Laboratory 


The Behavioral Health Specialist and the PRP


Vibration White Finger and Raynaud's Phenomenon: Addressing Exposure Controls in the PRP


Peripheral Vascular Disease, DVT, and Anti-Coagulants: Managing Return to Work and Medical Restrictions In the PRP 


Chemical Agent Medical Diagnostics and Medical Countermeasures:  The Not-Too-Distant Future 


Neurological Diseases and the PRP: An Approach to Fitness Assessments​





Specific lots of DuoDote(R) combined nerve agent antidote auto-injectors were approved for shelf life extensions beyond labeled expiration dates; all of these have now expired.  

DuoDote lots that expired in 2021 include:  1AE201, 1AE406, AE502, 1AE515, 1AE516, 1AE701, 1AE702, and 1AE703.  Lot 2AE752 expired 31 October, 2022.​

​CANA (diazepam) autoinjector lots that expired in 2022 include: 
1D1349, 1D1520, and 1D1562.​  An additional four CANA lots were extended into 2023:  2D2698, 2D2699 and 2D2700 expired 31 August 2023; lot 2D2765 expired 31 October 2023.  NO PREVIOUSLY EXTENDED NERVE AGENT ANTIDOTES ARE NOW APPROVED FOR USE.

Complete FDA information related to the auto-injector shelf life extension program can be found at this FDA Drug Sa​fety Page.External Link