Health Hazard Assessment (HHA)

Last Updated: June 05, 2023
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​Health Hazard Assessment (HHA) is the process used within the DoD to identify and assess health hazards associated with materiel system life cycle management and provide recommendations to capability developers, materiel developers, and training developers to eliminate or control the health hazards inherent in weapon platforms, munitions, equipment, clothing, training devices, and other materiel systems. Through application of biomedical knowledge and principles, the HHA Program addresses the potential effects of health hazards on the Service members who use and maintain materiel systems. The HHA Program uses systems engineering principles from a health or medical perspective. The HHA process outputs risk levels associated with probability and severity to better inform risk management decision makers.

Please visit the Health Hazard Assessment Program page in the Organizational section of this site to learn more about the HHA Program including its mission, history, and contact information.

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