Toxicity Clearances List

Last Updated: April 21, 2022
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A Toxicity Clearance of a Material Helps Ensure the Safety of Army Personnel.

A Toxicity Clearance is a toxicological evaluation of materials prior to their introduction into the Army supply system in order to ensure the safety of Army personnel. An evaluation is performed and the toxicity clearance approved or disapproved based on the specific application or use condition of the product. Examples of materials include fire suppressants, solvents, refrigerants, fabric finishes, materials within vehicle crew compartments, and protective clothing. Information about requesting a Tox Clearance may be found here.

This is a partial list of completed Toxicity Clearances.
If the Tox Clearance you are looking for is not here, please contact us.

HFC-227ea with Sodium Bicarbonate (SBC-1) Powder in Handheld Fire Extinguishers HHFEs) For Army Aviation Weapon Systems

Polychem Acrastrip 600 B&G Mod. Military as a Cleaning Product in Hand Wipe Applications in all Army Equipment

Troysan® Polyphase® Mildewcides for Army Duck

HOT SHOT® (R-414B) for Use in Walk-in Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and Ice Machines

Vinyzene SB-1 in the Bradley Turret Floor Blanket

DSM Dyneema HB80 for Use in the Enhanced Combat Helmet

Ambersil DP200 and PUR 200 in Pre-Protoype and Tests of the Joint Service General Purpose Mask