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Last Updated: April 17, 2024



Medical research, including of military ServicewomenExternal Link (Military Medicine 2019) proves breastfeeding has significant benefits for both mother and child. Breastfeeding is therefore encouraged and supported by both Army and US policies. Many Army and other reputable resources are available to assist nursing mothers. This site provides a collection of resources to meet the unique needs of the breastfeeding Service member. 

What Army Regulations address breastfeeding and lactation support?

  • Details about breastfeeding and lactation policy are required to be established by local installation plans. Submitting a breastfeeding support plan memorandum for approval by a commander can assist Service members in breastfeeding upon return to military duty. 


What guidance is there pertaining to breastfeeding and COVID-19?

See the DCPH-A COVID-19 Pregnancy and Breastfeeding webpage. 

 ​​What other information on breastfeeding is recommended? 

See the DCPH-A Breastfeeding Resources and Breastfeeding Policies webpages.


For services available through the Military Health System, visit their Women's HealthExternal Link webpage.​​