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 Health Monitoring Services and Tests

Last Updated: June 06, 2023
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​Get routine health checks

Men can improve their health and prevent diseases such as cancer and heart disease by making healthy food choices, staying active, quitting smoking, getting regular checkups, taking care of their mental health and staying up to date on vaccines. 

Seeing a doctor for regular checkups and recommended screening tests can find diseases early when they are easier to treat. Men are encouraged to Take Charge of Your Health and get routine checkups!External Link 

Read this ARTICLEExternal Link for recommended screening tests for men based on age and personal risk factors. Additional guidance is hereExternal Link

Men should also:

  • Stay on top of routine dental, vision, and hearing exams.
  • Talk to your health provider about getting routine exams for skin cancer and mental health. 
  • Talk to your health provider about getting about tests for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) . ​


Measure your fitness

Aerobic capacity (Vo2 max), % Body Fat, and metabolic rate are key measures of your health that can be determined for free at a local Army Wellness Center (AWC). Based on your results, AWC staff will help you tailor a specific plan to improve your fitness, sleep and nutrition habits.


Monitor your weight

A basic fitness requirement of all Soldiers is to meet Army weight standards (AR 600-9)External Link. Your height and weight is used to calculate your “BMI”, a screening indicator for health status – read DCPH-A's BMI Factsheet.