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Last Updated: August 01, 2018

‚ÄčDo you find keeping up with available military community resources confusing  and overwhelming? There are many resources at your disposal, and the online Community Resource Guide can help you quickly and easily find exactly what you need!  

The Community Resource Guide (CRG) is an inventory of community services available at more than 50 military installations worldwide providing brief descriptions and contact information about a variety of services in a mobile or desktop-friendly format. CRGs provide a  comprehensive, coordinated community outreach resource that highlights installation, DoD, Army and community-based options for access to health care, awareness activities, and assistance support. 

You can browse services by topic using a Subject option, by program or agency using a Provider option, alphabetically using an A to Z Index or you can use Search. Since all community guides share the same layout, you can similarly explore guides for installations around the world by clicking a Communities menu. Over 7500+ resources across the Army have been consolidated into an interactive, web-based, and mobile friendly application.

Each guide is continuously updated and improved based on how it is used by its community members.  Wherever you go, use your Community Resource Guide to take full advantage of the programs and services designed to help you be a successful member of your military community!

 Find your Community Resource Guide at

Each Army installation's website also displays a button to serve as a shortcut to their individual CRG.

Army commanders increasingly recognize that Soldiers, Civilians and families need help identifying support services that meet their individual needs. CRGs are tools for accessing and coordinating the programs that promote health and strengthen physical, mental and spiritual resilience. The CRG application provides tools to inventory programs at individual installations to ensure that services are responsive to local needs. CRG also collects information on how the application is used by beneficiaries in order to make it more useful over time.

In addition to helping installation community members locate services, the guides increase the awareness of installation leaders and service providers about what their communities offer. They also provide a comprehensive referral tool for service providers who may identify additional needs when working with a Soldier or family member. Compiling the guides helps identify services that are absent in the community but might be needed.
CRGs provide "one-stop shopping" for Soldiers, Civilians and family members, as well as a comprehensive program resource for the Senior Commander, leaders, and service providers on Army installations, supporting the Army's goals of synchronizing programs to improve the readiness and resilience of Army community members.  CRGs empower our Army Family.  With an enterprise approach to the CRG, every Soldier, Family Member, Civilian, Retiree, leader and service provider has access to the same information, in the same way across the Army.  Consolidation of all Army resources in an enterprise approach also ensures a continuous feedback mechanism through analytics that ensure installations are responsive to the needs of their community members.


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"The Community Resource Guide is an easy tool for all ranks, family members and civilians to find a wide-variety of needs." SPC Palis, Fort Carson

"The CRG is impressive and very user-friendly! This will be a great tool for our community." CW4 Giadone,
Fort Carson

"I really like the website. It is easy to navigate, and I find that it makes available a wealth of resources for service members and their families". CPT Hebert, APG

"I love this site.  I could really use this every day.  I was looking up resources at JBLM as we are moving and I found a lot of very useful information! Thank you." JBLM

"It's nice to have things in one spot, instead of looking all over the place." Fort Polk

"I like the categories, sometimes I don't know what a program is called and this way I can just hit 'child care' and it's all right there." Fort Polk

"The community resource guide is a great tool for new soldiers and families to use, especially those new or unfamiliar to post." SSG Johnson, Fort Bragg