Public Health Assessment & Program Evaluation

 Program Evaluation Resources

Last Updated: August 06, 2018

In addition to information available at the U.S. Army Public Health Center's Web site, including the Public Health Assessment Division and Public Health Assessment and Program Evaluation pages and subpages, program evaluation resources can be obtained online and directly through various agencies. Below please find links to a few to get started:

Evaluation Tools
  • CDC Evaluation Documents, Workbooks and ToolsExternal Link
    (full list of resources at this site below)
    1. Evaluation Development Tools
    2. Logic Models
    3. Evaluability Assessments
    4. Indicators & Performance Measures
    5. Evaluation Reporting
    6. Economic Evaluations and Tools
    7. Health Impact Assessments
    8. Databases and Data Resources
    9. Health Communications Tools
    10. Strategies, Interventions and Best Practices
    11. Success Stories
    12. Podcasts and Webinars
    13. Technical Assistance for States
    14. Program Management
    15. Other Evaluation Tools
    16. Evaluator Self-Assessment

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