Health Risk Assessment, Surveillance & Management

 Central List of HRA Guidance and Publications

Last Updated: July 18, 2023

​The Environmental Health Risk Assessment Division conducts health risk assessments, advises decision-makers on health risk management issues, and develops tools and technical guidance for assessing and managing health risks associated with chemical and microbiological hazards that may be found in the environment.

Selected HRA-related publications and technical guidance documents are provided here.


Installation Assignment Durations and Patterns of Army Personnel (multiple papers)

Inhalation Rates for Military Exposure Guidelines and Other Applications

Development of Exposure Guidelines for Chronic Health Effects Following Acute Exposures to Toxic Industrial Chemicals (multiple papers)

Review of the Applicability of Published Water Reuse Guidelines for Contingency Operations

The Microbiome and Health Risk Assessment: Workshop Summary

Microbial Risk Assessment of Unrestricted Wastewater Reuse During Army Deployments (multiple papers)



Technical Guide 230 | Environmental Health Risk Assessment and Chemical Exposure Guidelines for Deployed Military Personnel

Technical Guide 248 | Guide for Deployed Preventive Medicine Personnel on Health Risk Management (rescinded)

Technical Guide 254 | Standard Practice for Wildlife Toxicity Reference Values

Technical Guide 312 | Health Risk Assessment Methods and Screening Levels for Evaluating Office Worker Exposures to Contaminants on Indoor Surfaces Using Surface Wipe Data

Technical Guide 316 | Microbial Risk Assessment for Aerosolized Microorganisms (includes TG316 Supplements)

Technical Guide 330 | The Rodent Sperm Analysis Method in Terrestrial Health Risk Assessment

Technical Guide 364a | Water Reuse in Contingency Operations

Technical Guide 373 | Environmental Health Risk Assessment Toxicity Values

Technical Guide 392 | Conceptual Site Model Best Practices and Exposure Pathway Guidance​

Technical Guide 393 | Procedures for Managing Past Environmental Exposure Inquiries in DOEHRS​​