Environmental Baseline Surveys

Last Updated: July 26, 2018
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​Our professionals have a wealth of experience performing environmental studies associated with property transactions. The Army has a responsibility to protect human health and the environment while accomplishing the goals of Army transformation which involves the transfer of real property. In accordance with CERCLA 120(h), information regarding the storage, release, and disposal of hazardous substances must be compiled prior to the property transaction. This information may be presented in the form of an Environmental Condition of Property (ECP), Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS), or Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) report. We produce consistently high quality reports that meet applicable requirements in a timely manner. Our professionals are also highly qualified to perform follow up work as needed to include sampling and analyses. Contact us for more information or a sample report.

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Environmental Condition of Property Assessments
  • AR 200-1 requires the Army to "assess, determine, and document the environmental condition of transferable property in an ECP report." Transactions include fee acquisition of real property, deeds divesting title from the Federal Government, transfers of jurisdiction between Federal Agencies, and leases of Army-controlled real property to non-Army entities.
  • Our ECP reports comply with the applicable ASTM standards and follow the DOD Base Redevelopment and Realignment Manual (BRRM) for BRAC actions (as required by AR 200-1). The BRRM requires that we obtain and report certain information in addition to what is required for the standard EBS or ESA.
Environmental Baseline Surveys
  • An EBS is required for transfers of Department of Defense (DOD) property. The EBS satisfies Federal requirements, but does not meet all of the AR 200-1 requirements associated with following the BRRM.
  • Our EBS reports meet ASTM D6008-96 (2005) - Standard Practice for Conducting Environmental Baseline Surveys and ASTM D5746-98 (2002) - Standard Classification of Environmental Condition of Property Area Types for Defense Base Closure and Realignment Facilities.
Environmental Site Assessments
  • An ESA is required for acquisitions of non-DOD property. The ESA satisfies Federal requirements, but does not meet all of the AR 200-1 requirements associated with following the BRRM.
  • Our ESA reports meet ASTM D1527-05 - Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process. Meeting this standard ensures compliance with 40 CFR Part 312 – Standards and Practices for All Appropriate Inquiries, effective 1 November 2006.