Entomology and Pest Management

 Entomological Surveillance Spreadsheet

Last Updated: August 02, 2018

Input Fields

Region – Drop-down menu option between Atlantic, Pacific, Central and Europe. Must be selected before Installation drop-down field.

Installation – Will limit your selection to those installations previously submitted by region selected.

Latitude/Longitude – These are to be entered in decimal degrees and the worksheet will round each cell the same way. If these fields are unknown, just leave blank.

Unique ID – This is the field that is generated by installation/collection team as a way to know which trap site the information was collected and to be later used by laboratory science teams when testing specimens for pathogens.

Collection Date – This column has been set to the '1/1/18' format. Even if you enter the date differently, it should propagate into the format listed previously.

Collection Method – Depending on which tab you are entering data into, it will have options to select from be it method of collection or trap type.

Genus – These fields have been generated based off of the 2017 submitted data and is by no means an exhaustive list. A genus must be chosen before moving onto species.

Species – You must choose a 'Genus' from the drop-down before you are able to select the species. This list was generated from the 2017 submitted data and is not exhaustive of all species in each Genus.

Life Stage - This drop-down menu will be dependent on which tab (Mosquito vs Tick) you are entering data into. This is the stage that the organism is at upon collection.

Number collected – For mosquitoes this number is the number of females collected by trap. For ticks, it is the total number collected.

Laboratory Screening Columns -

WNV - West Nile Virus

JEV - Japaense encephalitis virus

ZIKV - Zika Virus     

CHIKV - Chikungunya virus     

DENV - Dengue virus  

A.phagocytophilum - Anaplasma phagocytophilum (Anaplasmosis)  

Bab.canis - Babesia canis (Babesiosis)  

Bab.microti - Babesia microti (Theileriosis)  

E.chaffeensis - Ehrlichia caffeensis (Misspelled WordEhrlichiosis)  

E.ewingii  - Ehrlichia ewingii (Misspelled WordEhrlichiosis)     

B.burgdorferi - Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme  disease)  

B.miyamotoi - Borrelia miyamotoi (Lyme disease)  

R.andeanae - Rickettsia andeanae (spotted fever)  

R.parkeri - Rickettsia parkeri (American tick bite fever)  

R.montanensis - Rickettsia montanensis (spotted fever)     

R.rickettsii - Rickettsia rickettsii (Rocky Mountain spotted fever)

If you need more information or an additional item added to any of the above fields, contact usarmy.apg.medcom-aphc.mbx.surveillance-archive@mail.mil for help.