Environmental Health Data Management

Last Updated: August 28, 2022
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Active Data Analysis


 Management of any large dataset is integral to any successful business.  The USAPHC utilizes a number of tools to collect, report and analyze environmental health (EH) data at our garrisons and at deployment locations across the world. This data is used to better prepare and enhance the readiness of Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) Preventive Medicine (PM) Department staff and our deploying PM assets and affiliates.  Not only does DOEHRS-IH manage global EH data, but it also stores and manages DOD Registries and is the backbone of the Individual Longitudinal Exposure Record.

The primary (and DOD required) tool for EH data management is the Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System - Industrial Hygiene (DOEHRS-IH). It also serves as the official system of record to document and archive environmental conditions and exposures to DOD personnel. While multiple DOD and Army EH data management systems exist for various purposes, the USAPHC directly supports the DOEHRS-IH system.

The USAPHC also works with the MEDCOM to manage MTF operations related to environmental health (e.g. drinking water, vector surveillance, waste management, and sanitation). Quarterly data calls through the Environmental Health Program Status Report (EHPSR) allow the USAPHC to have visibility and oversight of MTF issues and their staff. This data is compiled by OOI and posted online at https://bitab.health.mil/#/views/EHPSR/Maindash​​?:iid=1 (CAC required)External Link