Heat Illness Prevention & Sun Safety

 Risk Management Guidelines for Heat Illness

Last Updated: April 11, 2024
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1.       Identify the hazards

a.       Know the wet bulb globe temperature

b.      Know the risk factors for heat illness


2.       Assess hazards
    1. Use the WBGT index to plan training activities
    2. Factor in training event, uniform/equipment requirements, location and time of day
    3. Know the acclimatization and profile status of your Soldiers
    4. Factor in previous days' condition, activities, and recovery time

3.       Develop controls
    1. Estimate heat risk level and follow appropriate work/rest guidance (link to image below)
    2. Establish heat illness SOPs and training for Soldiers and Leadership
    3. Prepare water, medical, and evacuation support

4.       Implement controls
    1. Adjust activity distance, duration, time, pace, and/or loads
    2. Provide water and/or electrolyte drink
    3. Avoid back-to-back strenuous days in the heat

5.       Supervise and evaluate
    1. Watch for signs and symptoms of heat illness
    2. Take immediate action when heat illness is observed or suspected


Reference: TB-MED 507​​External Link