Health Information Products e-Catalog (HIPeC)

Last Updated: May 04, 2021
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The HIPeC is a Common Access Card (CAC) enabled digital platform that presents public health communication products for download and for ordering printed copies.

Not all products are available in printed form and there are limits on the number of physical products available in a single order.  You must use your CAC to establish an account to order physical products. There is no charge to the customer for ordering physical products.

Downloads are available without an account. 

Some digital products offer a customizable space to add contact information for local resources.

When practical, we have started using Public Health Enterprise branding in lieu of Army Public Health Center branding to help increase the appeal of the products and to convey a consistent public health message across the Army. Legacy APHC branding will still exist on some products as we cycle through the updates.

Access the HIPeC here: